Applegate Fire District 9
Applegate Fire District 9
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Applegate Fire District 9
Applegate Fire District 9
Do you want to support the Applegate Volunteer Firefighters?



Have you thought about joining the fire district but didn't know where you would fit in?

Volunteers are always needed in the Auxillary Group to plan for upcoming events.
Don't hesitate- Join our team now!

Auxillary Friends

This group meets at Headquarters on Tuesdays - 6pm

Next meeting is Nov 17th, 2014


Applegate Valley Fire District
1095 Upper Applegate Road, Jacksonville, OR 97530


Applegate Fire District Info

It is our mission to respond to the needs of our citizens in a professional manner by those dedicated to making
the Applegate Valley a better place to live.

It is our vision to be recognized by our community as a group that is focused on teamwork, leadership, integrity, pride, professionalism, compassion, respect and functions as a highly reliable organization that consistently capitalizes on our number one asset - people.


Message from your Safety Committee;
"Be Prepared for Extreme Fire Behavior"
Know your safety zones and escape routes.




Fire Season began, June 2nd, on all lands protected by by ODF. The Fire Danger level dropped to "HIGH" today, Sept. 24th
The Industrial Fire Precaution is a level 1.

All restrictions on power equipment use by the public have been suspended

Debris burning is STILL prohibited

Fireworks are STILL prohibited

Exploding target and tracer ammunition, or any bullet with a pyrotechnic charge in its base is prohibited.

Campfires will be allowed outside of designated areas.

Motorized vehicles will be allowed off of improved roads.

Follow the link for more information;

Fire Season News

A good resource for Fire News is
This site keeps current with fire season conditions and current incidents. You will also find links to national fire news




The following list are simple assessment steps that you can do to improve the survivability of your home during a wildfire.

  • OVERVIEW OF SURROUNDINGS- How is your home situated in relation to fire behavior? Does vegetation allow for continuous fire spread?
  • PEAK TO EAVES - Inspect the roof and remove litter from gutters and roof valleys. Has your chimney been cleaned?
  • EAVES TO FOUNDATION- Are attic, eaves, vents and crawl space secure from allowing embers to enter? Is there any flamable vegetation under the windows? Combustible material under the deck?
  • FOUNDATION TO IMMEDIATE LANDSCAPED AREA- Landscaped material next to the home should be fire resistant. Have you moved your firewood away from your structure now that winter is over?
  • IMMEDIATE LANDSCAPED AREA TO EXTENT OF THE HIZ- Have you created a defensible space around your home? Check your access and egress for vegetation clearance.

For more information go to HIZ Assessments

For assistance in assessing your home, please give the District Office a call. Schedule a time for Chief Fillis or Ops Chief Wolfard to come out and assist you.



are open to the public;

Next regular Board meeting Wednesday October 22, 2014-
6 pm at Station 1

Please visit the following link for more information on the next meetiing.

For more information visit the Board Page.


Being prepared is your best defense

This is a great time to take care of the little things that you can do to improve your survivabilty during a wildfire event.

You will give yourself and your family a better chane of escaping harm during a wildfire by taking some of these precautions;

Assess your property and Home for Wildfire danger.
Call the District Office to make an appointment.

Post a visible address sign.
First one is always free from HQ...

Create a survivable space by reducing fuels.
Maintain reduced vegetation around your home.

Clean gutters and roofs of debris.
Remove tree limbs that overhang roof.

Creat a Family Escape Plan.
Think about your animals too!

Call the District Office to set up a Fire Safety Education that is right for you! Ask for Carey; 541-899-1050

Call or stop by the District Office and request a Home Assessment

Now is the time to check the batteries in your smoke alarms.
Replace smoke alarms that are older than 10 years old and batteries as needed. Early detection is key to your survival. Remeber to check your batteries in the your carbon monoxide detectors also.

Having a properly operating smoke alarm outside each sleeping area, knowing two ways out, when you get out - stay out, and having a meeting place is the safety message are all part of a family escape plan.

Does your Family have an Escape Plan?
Do you know two ways out of each sleeping area?
Have Smoke Alarms been installed and checked for working condition?
These are the simple things that you can do to ensure the
safety of your family.

Please contact Carey @ the District Office for more information


You can find more tips on prevention from the Rogue Valley Fire Prevention Cooperative;

Thank You!






Applegate Fire District 9 VOLUNTEERS NEEDED !
Download Application Above. Now is the time to join the team and learn some valuable life skills! Fire Fighter Academy to start in Jan, 2013. Complete application and bring into the District Office.

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Great Resource of the
"Litle things that you can do"

Rogue Valley fire Prevention Coop

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